ESU #17 Training Center - 10am
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  • Name - Position
  • One highlight from this year (something that has already happened or an upcoming event)
  • One way that the ESU can assist you this year

  • Karen Haase Training Sessions
  • Standard Response Protocol Training - Oct 27 2016
  • School Safety Self-assessment - August 2017
  • Assistive Technology
  • Suicide Prevention

Digital Media
  • Several DL classes running on the ESU 17 bridge. Everything seems to be going smoothly.
  • Ainsworth has a cart that is receiving calls at incorrect time. Becky will work with Lori and Northeast to get the schedule corrected.
  • Becky will continue to promote virtual field trips. A couple are booked but she would like to see more.
  • Zoom licenses are available for those principals who want them. Zoom should really only be used for computer or tablet connections, no carts. There are only 25 ports shared across the state for cart connections. If anyone needs to connect a cart, right now Becky would still recommend using ESU 17's bridge.


Staff Development

Next Meeting - Date, Location