Agenda - 9:00 a.m.

  1. Approval of February 25, 2014 minutes

  2. Next meeting date (Sep -- 2014)

Staff Development

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Instructional Materials

  • Email
    • Reminder to have email issues directed to me; new staff coming on/old staff leaving etc.
  • Weeding Process
    • 900+ titles selected for weeding/ 300+ taken by educators.
  • Digital Content Survey
    • Asked Media & Technology staff to complete survey
    • Will be used to talk with state senators


  • Cyber Bullying
    • Karen Hasse presentation
  • Email
    • new Spam Filter Selected (Barracuda)

Administration/Special Education

LB 682

Department Reviews postponed to September Advisory Council Meeting

Department Summaries
  • Instructional Media
    • Department Overview: Learn360, WorldBook, Visual Thesaurus, tangible circulating collection, eLibrary; Email; 1:1 setup & integration; Technology support & troubleshooting; Distance Learning activities.
    • Current Activities: eLibrary, weeding tangible circulation, website update.
  • Technology Training and Integration
    • Department Overview:The Technology Department works collaboratively with other agency departments in the coordination and communication of adult learner opportunities. The Technology Department assists school districts with technology planning, purchasing and maintenance, technology training, distance learning opportunities, and data collection and reporting. The ESU contracts tech integration services on site.
    • Current Activities: Provide training on the integration of technology in all core curriculum areas. Train and assist school districts on how they can utilize technology to collect and disseminate student performance data. Assist districts with interventions and training plans based on student data. Provide one to one teacher assistance with technology integration. Assist with the utilization of the PolyCom and DL equipment to enhance the educational opportunities for area students.
  • Technology Infrastructure
    • Department Overview: A
    • Current Activities: B
  • Staff Development
    • Department Overview: School Improvement; Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment; Carl Perkins Grant; Professional Development and Graduate Credit; NDE Initiative support (C4L, Teacher/Principal Evaluation Pilot, Data Dashboard Pilot)
    • Current Activities: APL Instructional Skills Workshop, Perkins BLENDIT1, School District Steering Committee Support, Data Retreats, John Baylor Test Prep, The Write Tools
  • Special Education
    • Department Overview: A
    • Current Activities: B

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