Instructional Materials

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    - May 29-30 2013
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    - Aug 6 2013
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Staff Development

Local Events
  • Quiz Bowl
    • Wed Apr 17 at 2pm; possible postponement
    • Ainsworth, Keya Paha County, Rock County, Valentine
  • Principal Meetings
    • Thu Apr 18 at 1pm - Training Center/Valentine Middle School DL
  • NWEA
    • Web-based test administration - feedback (Ainsworth, Cody-Kilgore, Rock County)
    • Web-based transition confirmation for Fall 2013 - Keya Paha County, Valentine
    • Staff Development Training in June 2013 - Climbing the Data Ladder
  • AdvancED External Review
    • Advisory Council Interview - Mon Apr 22, 4pm, dinner to follow
    • School Interview Schedule- Tue Apr 23. Include administrators, teacher leaders (steering committee/school improvement committee), ESU itinerant staff members (psychologists, speech pathologists, resource teachers, nurses, etc.), and parents whose children receive special education services. Once you have confirmed your list of participants, please send the list to me so that our schedule can reflect the names and positions of those who will be involved.
      • 8:00:-9:00 – Rock County
      • 8:15-9:15 MT – Cody-Kilgore
      • 9:45-10:45 – Keya Paha County
      • 12:45-1:45 –Valentine
      • 1:00-2:00 – Ainsworth
    • Focus Interviews nearly complete for 2013. Ainsworth Focus Interview on Friday.
    • All Staff year-end meeting on May 23 to review Accreditation Report
  • Perkins
    • Advisory Committee meeting - March 28 (4 sites DL)
      • Terri Nollette - Cody-Kilgore counselor
      • Robert Joseph - Peppermill (Tourism and Hospitality)
      • Brent Peterson - Cherry County Hospital (Medical)
      • Career Readiness Standards
        • Financial Mindset (entrepreneurship, lending and borrowing practices, etc.)
        • Communication (verbal and written)
        • Well-rounded person; develop the individual
        • Workplace Skills
        • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
        • Career Ethics
      • Academy Expansion
        • College Connection (Northeast Community College, Wayne State College)
        • Automotive Academy
        • Design additional career academies
      • Partnerships
        • Lean on each other, strengthen partnerships
        • Business to Classroom Relationship
        • Career Fair
      • Professional Development
        • Sharing programs of study with all teachers
    • Planning Meeting - May 15-16
      • Develop 2013-2014 programming
      • Establish 3-4 year vision
      • Funds may be available on application basis to support current/new programs of study
  • 6 Traits of Writing - half-day overview - Fall 2013
    • Rock County, Keya Paha County


  • Statewide Teacher/Principal Evaluation Pilot
    • Ainsworth - status update of project
      • Apr 24 - Pilot Committee Meeting in Lincoln
      • Jun 24-25 Charlotte Danielson Instructional Model Framework Training in Lincoln
      • Teachscape is the exclusive licensee for the 2011 Danielson Framework rubrics. Any school that wants an electronic platform for observing with the Danielson model with the 2011 rubrics needs to work with them. Their product for that is called Reflect. None of the pilot schools are required to use electronic observation. Paper versions of the rubrics are available at no cost. Teachscape also offers some on-line Principal and teacher training with the Danielson Framework, called Focus. Their Principal training results in a certificate of competence; they provide about 15-18 hours of training at a cost of around $400. Learn is their professional development video library. The base price is of $3,400. If a school can get it at a per teacher price, it might be worthwhile.
        • Teachscape Learn Using Robust Learning Management and Online Content to Support Teacher Growth
        • Teachscape Reflect Using Classroom Walkthrough as a Tool for Continuous Improvement
        • Teachscape Focus Prepare Observers and Teachers for Effective, Accurate and Consistent Teacher Evaluations
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  • Statewide John Dudley Crisis Team Training 2013-2014
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    • Jun 10-11 at ESU #13 Scottsbluff
    • assisting students with emotional disabilities
    • register by May 10 - $200
  • Nebraska Data Cadre
    • Valentine - piloting Data Dashboard
    • Working on a plan to develop data literacy statewide
    • Data Conference - Apr 29-30
  • Check for Learning (C4L)
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      due April 17
    • ESUs are also requested to to complete MOU and participate in item writing training
    • Changes in the MOU for school districts
      1. Districts have a choice—write items OR review items. Sign up early as we need a 75: 25 ratio in the sign up.
      2. Due date for the signed MOU is April 17.
        • Why so early? By entering into the MOU earlier, districts have wider latitude in developing a timeline to complete item writing by August 1.
      3. Districts will select the curriculum areas and grades for which they will provide C4L items, but NDE will assign indicators.
        • Why is NDE assigning indicators?—The C4L system currently has indicators that have no items and indicators that have so many they become repetitious. In addition, each year NDE has had to eliminate repetitions of the same items, sometimes as many as 15-20 items on a single indicator because they are all the same.
      4. NDE is providing C4L item writing training and C4L item review in multiple locations in the state for the convenience of districts. Item writers will not have to attend training, while item reviewers will have to attend a session. However, PLEASE do not assign teachers to write items who have had no training and fail to provide training in some way. Item writers could be trained by:
        • DAC or other curriculum leader who has already had item writing training or, who is willing to attend one for the sessions provided in May 2013.
        • A contact at your ESU who has been trained to write C4L items
        • Attendance of district item writers at one of the training sessions in May, conducted in multiple locations in the state. (See MOU)
      5. DRC’s INSIGHT will be the engine providing C4L due to NDE entering into a new RFP agreement. Much will remain the same. We have requested a template that is easier to use and are working out the rest of the details to make the change to Insight as smooth as possible with Check for Learning.